GSI is Looking for a few good people.

GovernMENTOR Systems is looking for a few good people to become part of its teamwork partnering with local governments. GovernMENTOR provides motivated individuals with the ability to contribute to improving the productivity of local governments as they endeavor to serve their communities. GovernMENTOR allows its employees to participate in development of products and services that have an impact on the lives of people and communities.


GovernMENTOR Systems is looking for candidates in the Information Technology industry with database programming experience. Visual Basic, Web Development, D3 Data Basic or FlashBasic with Flash Connect, Universe or Unidata are all the programming environments presently being used. Operating systems include Windows 2000, XP Professional, NT, IBM/AIX, HP/UX, SCO/UX & Linux..

Marketing & Sales

GovernMENTOR Systems is looking for experienced individuals who can effectively communicate the capabilities of our products and services to the local government market place.


GSI offers competitive salary / benefits package as well as training and a retirement program.

If you believe you meet these qualifications and want to discuss your future with GovernMENTOR, E-mail your resume to: diane@governmentor.com