GovernMENTOR City Newsletter
Spring/Summer 2001

Articles in this Issue:

  • User Group Meetings
  • Letter from the President
  • Tech Tips
  • Protecting your Data
User Group Meetings

This spring at our Financial Management User Group we are focusing on two major projects:

  • 1.) GASB Statement 34 and
  • 2.) Migrating our software to a windows environment (WINGS Release 7.0)

Our spring User Group meeting will be on June 19th for Financial Management and Fixed Assets. This meeting will not only cover what process we believe GovernMENTOR software should take to meet GASB Statement 34, but will also be an open discussion to answer questions, share ideas, develop strategies and more. In addition we will cover training on the following:

  • Account Structure
  • Fund Groups & Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Fixed Assets
  • Excel Spreadsheet and your data files.

GovernMENTOR is expanding its reporting capabilities and including many of the financial reports recommended by GASB Statement 34 in its standard software release. Examples of such reports include Consolidated Balance Sheets, Statements of Expense & Revenues by fund types (i.e. Governmental, Enterprise, Fiduciary fund types). GovernMENTOR is also expanding its budgeting modules to include the ability to retain original budget revisions, amendments (changes made throughout the year) and the final budget to further comply with GASB Statement 34.

We are also incorporating our Fixed Asset module as a standard component of our Financial Management suite to comply with new requirements to manage infrastructure assets as well as land, building and equipment. We will also train on various aspects of fixed assets such as setting up assets, determining type of depreciation, reporting capabilities, etc.

We will be presenting these new features at our meeting so make sure you join our planning and strategy meeting.

We will be training on various subjects including recurring journal entries, and special report capabilities such as defined period options for expense and revenue.

We will also be presenting some of the new features and benefits of wIntegrate such as setting up your toolbar to access MS Word and Excel, or Quicken. Features such as Query Builder, viewing reports in Report Wizard, importing budgets, revenues and expenses to Excel.

In addition to our meeting, we will be presenting some of our new windows interface applications called WINGS 7.0, plus new hardware products that can make you more productive.

Why should you come? Because this is where a portion of your Software Maintenance dollars is hard at work. Plus it provides you the opportunity to influence future enhancements of the software. It is an excellent opportunity to network with other GovernMENTOR users and share ideas and tips on processing information.

Don't miss this opportunity!

Letter from the President

Many exciting projects have been going on at GSI since our last newsletter.

1.) We are implementing photos, imaging and sketching into our Tax Appraisal software.

2.) We are producing the new financial reports and features needed to comply with GASB Statement 34 in our Financial Management software and Fixed Asset applications.

3.) We are in the process of migrating our software to the "windows" environment with our upcoming release or "WINGS" 7.0.

4.) We are interfacing the "Marshall Swift" appraisal method into our Tax Assessment software.

Imaging & Sketching

We have been able to acquire, store and manager photos of buildings and other improvements with our upcoming software release. It also uses similar routines to manage document imaging for deeds and other important documents for current and previous owners. We have used Apex Sketching to interact and automate with our routines.

GASB Statement 34

We are busy incorporating, consolidating and developing financial reports and features needed to comply with GASB Statement 34. We will be incorporating the Fixed Asset module into our core Financial system. We will be demonstrating some of these new features at our meeting.

WINGS 7.0 Release

We are making substantial progress on our Windows Interface and Networks for GovernMENTOR Systems (WINGS Release 7.0). We will be providing the new windows and the ability to maintain the existing character based screens for all those who prefer the "dumb" terminals. This will allow our clients to use their terminals and PC's currently and only activate the windows interface on the PC's they have currently. When they are ready they can replace the terminals and activate the windows interface. Our clients can upgrade to WINGS 7.0 and budget for additional PC's if and when they want them.

There are a lot of advantages to using the windows based approach. One example would be the ability to change legal descriptions without retyping the entire legal description line.

We are also adding a Marshall Swift method of appraisal to compliment the Hunnicutt method in our County environment. The multiple methods will provide easy incorporation or transition between methods, should that become a desire.

Many of these features will be shown at this years user group meeting, so don't miss out on seeing what's new at GovernMENTOR Systems!

Eugene Geisinger



Tech Tips

If your "Look up/Search" options are running a little sluggish, try running the rebuild of the cross reference options on the Administrator Menu. Some applications have exclusion files that can be set up to exclude unnecessary words from being set up in the index such as Inc, Co, etc. Contact GSI for assistance.

Computer System Server Running Slow?

If you think your system is processing slow, check out the available disc space. Type in the word "FREE" in the DM account. This will display the available disc space. If the free space is less than 25% and your operating system is NT, yo probably need to have a "VME" restore done pretty soon. The "Virtual Memory Environment" process uses paging files on the hard disk when physical memory is not enough to process the request. After a while the "paging file" gets full land needs to be restored. If you wait until it is full, you will be out of disc space and the message maximum users will display when you try to log on. This process should be done about every six months. If your operating system is AP/Pro or Native, you may need some files resized. Contact GSI for assistance.

Product Watch

Wireless Networks

We are in the wireless age, so why not have a wireless network that allows connectivity to public areas or meeting rooms for those meetings that require a mobile work force? Wireless LANS allow connectivity in a different spot every time with greater ease.

Think Thin

If your limited on desk top space "think thin". Most hardware vendors have developed a flat panel monitor with 15" viewable screen. Most come at a reasonable price from $600-800 with a one year limited warranty. You won't believe how much more space you will have on your desk once you purchase a flat panel monitor!

Laptops with Cell Phones

Watch for laptops with built in cell phones. These devices will no doubt become more popular as the demand for mobile office technology increases. Such a device can be used for City and County personnel who need to be mobile to access and update data while in the field. Applications such as utility billing, fixed assets, tax appraisal and assessment, business license, and permits can benefit from automating your mobile workers with wireless solutions. You can increase the productivity of your field force, reduce operating costs and improve efficiency.