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GovernMENTOR is a comprehensive computerized application management environment. GovernMENTOR provides timely, relevant and accurate information to assist officials in monitoring and affecting financial and non-financial activities of the local government.

Recent advances in computer technology, accompanied by sharply reduced costs, make it possible to use computers in even smaller organizations. In smaller organizations, however, simplicity of operation and high reliability are especially important. It is also important that the computer software be adaptable to the changing needs of the local government it serves. GovernMENTOR meets these needs!
GovernMENTOR is an efficient, cost effective computer system ideal for any sized local government. Local governments use GovernMENTOR to control spending and evaluate performance. It’s comprehensive software applications and advanced hardware technology help city and county officials manage their governments effectively.
User Friendly
GovernMENTOR is extremely easy to use. First-time users with no specialized training normally begin work on the system as soon as it is installed. Local government officials use GovernMENTOR daily without relying on a data processing staff. Lists of options are provided to let the operator decide which operation to perform next. Simple straight-forward messages guide the operator through each operation.
GovernMENTOR has checks and cross-references built into the system to verify accuracy of each entry, making sure information is reliable. Before each operation is completed, the ability to change the information entered is provided.
Comprehensive security is provided to insure the integrity of information. Complete audit trails of any changes made are provided depicting who made the change, when the change was made, where the change was made and what information was changed.
Multi-Tasking Multi-User
GovernMENTOR allows for not one but many users to be attached to the same computer with no special or expensive hardware - just an ordinary terminal. This allows users to be able to do different work such as payroll checks, invoice entry or word processing simultaneously.
Cost Effective
GovernMENTOR is an integrated system combining a wide range of applications with a common data base that provides reliable information for the entire local government. GovernMENTOR, is just as easy to use as any other business tool in your office. It gives you a clear picture of where your local government stands, so you can make the right decisions. Plus, it protects your software investment because of its flexibility in design.
Open Systems
GovernMENTOR operates on a variety of computer systems (from personal computers to larger more powerful networks and servers). GovernMENTOR has the ability to communicate with various of operating systems such as DOS. Novel, Windows NT, Unix, Universe and many others. GovernMENTOR has a unique installation process called SOFT-GEN which virtually tailors your software to meet the particular needs and requirements of your local government present and future. This allows you to keep the same GovernMENTOR applications and operating system as your city/county grows.
Wealth of Features
GovernMENTOR contains a wealth of integrated features not found with other software applications. GovernMENTOR provides a comprehensive English-like ad-hoc report writing feature that provides a relational data base manager which allows the user ti customize their own reports.
Also available with GovernMENTOR software are optional features such as: word processing, spread sheet, and business graphics applications providing a well rounded balance system for all your processing needs.
Commitment with quality. That’s what you can expect from GovernMENTOR Systems, Inc. (GSI) operates its own service organization, which expands to support our customer requirements. GSI is in the business of working with the customer in analyzing, defining, and implementing computer solutions to government problems. GSI assists our customers through each and every phase of implementation. Because GovernMENTOR is designed specifically for local governments, any requests for system modifications can be quickly and easily done. Along with personalized training, and user reference manuals, GSI provides a smooth and timely implementation. All software training can be done at the customers site, over the phone, or at GSI offices in a classroom environment. GSI has built its reputation on service, support and customer satisfaction. With our toll-free number we allow our customers to call our office for support and technical assistance.
User Group
GSI also provides free of charge to our users a semi-annual User Group. The GovernMENTOR User Group provides free training, an open forum for suggested enhancements and other topics desired by customers. Many customers find the meetings a source of information by exchanging procedures, policies and guidelines. GSI also provides a newsletter twice a year containing valuable information concerning computer tips and techniques, updates on future enhancements and much more!
GovernMENTOR provides the following modules:
Fund Accounting
Tax Billing (City Edition)
Collection Management
Business License
Tax Billing (County Edition)
Fixed Assets
Animal Control
Code Enforcement
Utility Billing
Municipal Court
Property Appraisal
Accounts Receivable
Law Enforcement
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