Collection Management

GovernMENTOR’s Collection Management System is a comprehensive cash control system that provides controls on daily collections and the subsequent distributions. Control and accountability on daily collections is imperative for effective internal controls.
Controlling monies received is critical to the smooth operations of local governments. Controlling collection of monies is essential when local governments are serious about effective internal controls.
Improved Controls
GovernMENTOR’s Cash Management System provides the ability to automate the collection process and separate the control of updating respective records throughout each department. This separation of responsibility improves internal controls and the accountability of daily operations.
Payment Process
When payments are received, GovernMENTOR verifies the validity of the transactions against the customer’s current account status. Payments received are identified with special transaction codes indicating the type of payment received. The transaction code allows special checks and balances to be performed to ensure accuracy and control. One example of checks and balances provided by transaction codes is tax collections. Tax collections are predetermined to prevent or allow partial payments and what interest, special fees and penalties are appropriate. Each transaction code is capable of its own special considerations regarding checks and balances. The transaction codes also indicate from which data base to select the customer’s name, address and balance or other pertinent information.
Miscellaneous Daily Receipts
Special transaction codes may be assigned when collecting monies that have no existing data base. Examples of these are cigarette sale permits, garage sale permits, taxi coupon, etc. and any applications not installed and subsequently processed manually.
Balancing Receipts
GovernMENTOR captures information by each cashier, giving daily cash balancing controls prior to updating any accounts. At the close of each day, totals of checks and cash received aid the cashier in balancing daily collections. Lists of checks are available by cashier with check name, check number and amount. The system also provides totals of monies received by each transaction code. This report and the paper work associated with each transaction, aids with determining which transactions were posted in error. If necessary, every transaction may be printed out and individually checked for validity. After all transactions are balanced with cash and checks contained in the register, the system may be totaled out.
Inquiry Assistance
If a taxpayer, business, utility customer or any other paying customer has a question about a bill, invoice or the status of their account, the cashier may quickly recall their records and explain the charges.
Automatic Updating of Accounts
Each application module has an operation that updates individual accounts with the daily information captured from each cashier. In addition, each application gives Audit Reports of all accounts affected for that day. This feature reduces the necessity to enter collection information again to update individual applications. The benefits of automatic updating are twofold. They reduce errors, speed up processing and reporting of information to management. Again, to improve internal controls, the actual person responsible for the records should update accounts, not the cashier.
Optical Scanners And Wands
The latest technology has been incorporated into the Cash Management System to take advantage of OCR (Optical Character Reading) devices. Utilizing OCR technology prevents entering tax receipts numbers, utility account numbers, or any information printed in the special OCR format. The Wand needs only to run across the OCR information and the system lifts data off the form or paper. Some OCR devices can process as many as 200 characters per second. Speed however, is not the only benefit, accuracy may be an even more important attribute of OCR technology. Long account numbers often produce data entry errors. With GovernMENTOR’s Remittance Control wand errors are prevented and convenience is improved in the process.
Transaction Voiding
The system is capable of voiding transactions. Transactions voided are automatically subtracted from daily totals and detailed transaction information voided is placed into a Voided Transaction Register. Appropriate supervisors should review transactions voided at days end.
Duplicate Payments
The system is also capable of preventing or notifying cashier of any duplicate payments before they are updated and refunds or additional procedures need to be initiated.
The system is capable of printing specific validation information such as date, payment made, transaction sequence number, cash register number, etc. on checks, receipts, bills and invoices or any additional notice required. Also special messages may be printed on the back of checks such as deposit only, depository name and account number, etc. A special cash register or an inexpensive validation printer is required to fully utilize this capability.
Electronic Cash Drawers Available
The system may also include an electronically controlled cash drawers. The electronic cash drawer opens automatically at the appropriate times to provide change and store money or checks received. Special equipment is required for this feature. However, all programming required to operate electronic cash drawers is provided within the system. Therefore, as with many of the other features, the system may be sophisticated at later dates without any additional programming costs.
Generates Receipts
The Cash Management System is also capable of printing or producing receipts or duplicate receipts, upon request, for customer’s payments. This capability is particularly useful to speed up the payment process and reduce long lines.
GovernMENTOR’s Cash Management System not only provides improved control over daily collections; it also improves the speed and efficiency of collections. Through the many extra features available the system prevents time delays due to errors, manual tasks, and reporting. Efficiency is also recognized by customers who no longer are required to wait in long lines to have payments processed or to be placed on hold when receiving answers to questions about their accounts.
Special Features and Reports
Transaction Detail
Sub-Total of Daily Receipts
Total of Daily Receipts
Monthly Transaction Detail
Access to Revenue Data
Access to Expense Data
Access to General Ledger Data
Voided Transaction Register
Transaction Code Report
Inquiry Assistance
Receipt Generation
Speed Posting Revenues
Access to Utility Data
Electronic Cash Drawers 
Access to Business License Data
Access to Municipal Court Data
Access to Accounts Receivable Data
Access to Tax Billing Data
Optical Scanners & Wands
Credit Card Acceptance
Duplicate Payment Detection
Automatic Account Updating
Validation Capability
Miscellaneous Reports

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