Municipal Tax Billing

GovernMENTOR's Tax Billing System is a comprehensive billing system designed to simplify the many difficult tasks of calculating, producing, and collecting tax statements. Additionally, it produces tax books, abstracts and many more different reports to ensure control and increase efficiency.
GovernMENTOR's Tax Billing & Collection System simplifies the many different procedures required for tax billing and collection. All data is processed through the central data base, updating all related records instantly, thus, eliminating hours of cumbersome bookkeeping for your staff. Additionally, the Tax Billing and Collection System provides improved control over the many time consuming and tedious tasks required to produce each step of the billing and collection process.
Increased Efficiency
GovernMENTOR's Tax Billing and Collection System, comprised of Personal Property and Real Estate tax billing, is designed to increase the efficiency of taxing entities. The tax system is designed to process all tax extensions from valuations, prepare all necessary tax books, statements, and reports. All these are accomplished while maintaining control and efficiency of collections, and maintaining simplicity of use.
Easy Access to All Information
Information stored in the data base can be easily accessed by the various offices without losing control of the data base, thereby eliminating duplication of effort. Information can be automatically retrieved by the following: by parcel number, name or by street address. Payment information is also quickly and easily accessed.
Collection Efficiency
The system also features GovernMENTOR's Collection Management System which can utilize an Optical Character Reading (OCR) wand. This increases the efficiency of collection procedures and decreases long waiting lines for taxpayers during peak remitting months. Duplicate tax bills can easily be produced, reducing the need for manually filing extra copies of tax bills. Duplicate paid tax bills can also be easily provided, when needed.
Comprehensive Reporting
The Tax Billing and Collection System automatically produces the required information needed to abstract collections and report tax billings. GovernMENTOR also provides tracking of Supplements, Add-ons, Abatements, Court Orders and Reporting of Back Taxes.
Unlimited Reporting
GovernMENTOR's Tax Billing and Collection System has a unique report generating capability, therefore reporting capabilities are virtually unlimited. A comprehensive dictionary defining each piece of information contained within the system data base provides users with a unique ability to request and design special reports, upon request, without any special programming.
Tax Books
The Tax Billing and Collection System produces the books for both Personal Property and Real Estate. The Personal Property Book contains all personal property owners in alphabetical order by name, or by township and then by name. This book describes the types and quantities of personal property owned; i.e., vehicles, livestock, grain, farm machinery, antique vehicles, etc. The personal book reports totals of the value by each type of property. It also lists the total value assessed for each property owner. The Real Estate book provides all required detailed information about how real estate taxes were prepared. The real estate books describe land and information for Agriculture, Residential, and Commercial properties.
Tax Receipts
The Tax Billing System automatically produces the tax receipt showing interest and penalty due each month, if tax payer pays taxes late. The tax year and type of tax is also printed on the tax receipt by the system. This feature prevents reorder tax bills each year. Real Estate tax bills contain information on each parcel and a mortgage company number which allows printing all of the bills, for a given mortgage company together. The actual account number at the mortgage company may also be stored on each parcel. Other real estate tax bills are then printed in alphabetical sequence. Thereby eliminating the need for additional personnel to perform manual tasks required, such as: sorting and filing of tax bills. Many additional features have been provided to improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of generating tax receipts for both Real Estate and Personal Property.
Detailed Abstract
The Daily Abstract report list revenues received daily, monthly, and yearly by taxing district. The Tax Billing and Collection System automatically prepares reports that facilitate distribution of monies to the appropriate political subdivision. Reports are also prepared indicating abatement, supplemental and add-on information for each political sub-division.
The Tax Billing System is designed to easily process and track Tax Abatements, Add-ons, Supplementals and Court Orders. The system provides a complete accounting of each and reports the effect of such adjustments on each of the political subdivisions.
Special Inquiry
One of the most powerful features of the system is the ability for "Quick Access" to property data. GovernMENTOR has the ability to "LookUp" information on property data via the following:

Owner Name
Property Name
Quarter, Section, Township & Range


Situs Address
Lot, Block, & Subdivision
Previous Owner Name
Book & Page
State Map Number
Legal Description
Special Reports and Features
Paid Tax Book
Paid Bill Generation
Automated Supplemental
On-line Help Assistance
Detail Property Description
Supplemental & Add-on Book
Detailed Quantities of Property

Name Access to All Information
Back Tax Books
Audit Trails on Data Base
Automated Add-on Process
Assessor's Book
Reports on Types of Property

Duplicate Bill Generation
Automated Abatement Process
Automated Court Orders
Abatement Book
Abatement Court Order Book

Ability to Use Special OCR Scanning Capabilities for Tax Bill
Ability to Meet Postal Zip Code Discount for Mailing of Tax Bills