Animal Control

The GovernMENTOR Animal Control system helps city officials establish and maintain effective controls over the many different types of animals throughout the city.
GovernMENTOR’s Animal Control system provides name, address, state, sip code, phone and amount paid for license tag by each pet owner.
License Renewal Notice
The Animal Control system has the ability to provide a standard notice to each owner when their animals license tag is due for renewal.
Animal Information
GovernMENTOR’s Animal Control system provides information to identify each owners pet. Information includes: type of animal, breed, color, age, sex, size, name, vaccination date, city tag number, veterinarian tag number, animal clinic and date tags are due.
Extreme Ease of Use
The Animal Control system is extremely easy to use. All information is stored in an on-line interactive data base allowing immediate inquiry to all information desired and reflecting up to the minute results of operations. In addition the system is designed to operate and interact with other GovernMENTOR applications to facilitate ease of use. Default values are also provided such as city, state, zip, etc. to reduce data entry time.
Menu Driven Security
The system consists of one major menu which drives all other procedures and processes. This menu also provides security privilege before access to the data base and prior to any procedures and processes may be executed.
Quick Access
GovernMENTOR’s Animal Control system provides quick and easy access to each animal by any part of owner’s name, breed of pet, and city tag number, thereby preventing re-entry of data each time a new license or tag is issued.
Unlimited Reporting
GovernMENTOR’s Animal Control system has a powerful and flexible report generating ability. Therefore reporting capabilities are virtually unlimited. A comprehensive dictionary defining each piece of information contained within the Animal Control system provides the ability to request and design special reports upon request without any special programming.
Special Features and Reports
License Renewal Notice
Owner Report
Tag Report
On-Line Inquiry Assistance
Animal Report