Business License

GovernMENTOR’s Business License System helps government officials establish and maintain effective controls on the many different types of business throughout the governmental jurisdiction. Providing accurate controls over these revenues is a major component of managing overall revenues.
Business or occupational licenses may be an important part of revenue projections. As such, controlling and efficiently processing these revenues is vitally important to local governmental units.
Ease of Use
The GovernMENTOR Business License application is extremely easy to use. First-time users with no specialized training normally begin work on the system as soon as it is installed. List of options are provided to let the operator decide which operation to perform next. Simple straight-forward messages guide the operator through each operation.
All Business License information is stored in an on-line interactive data base allowing immediate inquiry to information desired and reflecting up to the minute results of operation. The Business License System may be utilized in conjunction with the Remittance control module.
The Business License System consists of one major menu which drives all other procedures and processes. This menu also provides security privileges before access to the data base or any procedures and processes may be executed.
Special Features
Prints License
Business License History
Fexible Rate Structure
Prints Billing Notices
Prints Renewal Notices
Pending Applicants
Special Reports
Business Report by Account
Business Report by Code
Business Revenue Report
Business Rate Report
Inactive Business Report
Business Report by Name
Business Report by Mailing Address
License Report Page
Busines Status Report
Year End Adjustment Report