Fixed Assets
The Fixed Asset System provides a convenient and complete accounting of various types of assets located throughout all departments within the government. Providing accountability and control is the primary emphasis of the Fixed Asset System.
GovernMENTOR’s Fixed Asset System contains extensive asset information. It provides a full description, serial numbers, class or type of asset, data and method acquired, plus much more. Complete depreciation information is provided on depreciable assets. Purchase distribution information is also provided. Even disposition information is retained with the new replacement assets number. All this information is available at officials fingertips to increase control and accountability of various departments for assets and resources placed under their control.
Accountability and Control
The Fixed Asset System is capable of accounting for fixed assets in individual proprietary or trust funds as well as accounting for fixed assets of governmental funds in the General Fixed Asset Group. Additional accountability is provided by assignment of responsible parties and departments with specific locations of assets. Reports are provided to assist with year end inventory of all fixed assets. Accountability and control is the primary emphasis of the Fixed Asset System.
The Fixed Asset System automatically calculates, accumulates and posts depreciation of fixed assets of proprietary and trust funds to specified general ledger depreciation accounts. Fixed Assets of governmental funds have accumulated depreciation information within the assets detailed information but does not distribute to the general ledger. The practices of the Fixed Asset System have been designed to strictly follow generally accepted accounting principals.
Easy Access
Information stored in the fixed asset data base can be easily accessed to answer daily questions that arise concerning individual assets, where they where purchased, and what accounts they were charged against, etc.
The fixed Asset System automatically tracks each new asset and reports those assets newly acquired throughout the year. Reducing time and effort preparing for audits.
Likewise, the Fixed Asset System automatically tracks each asset disposed of throughout the year. Again reducing time and effort spent during year end activities.
Additionally, the Fixed Asset System automatically determines last years responsible party, or type of asset.
Special Features
Automatic Number Set Up
Purchase Distribution
Depreciation Information
Automatic Depreciation Interface
     with General Ledger
Extensive Asset Information
Disposition Information
Year-End Processing


Special Reports
Transfer Report
Disposition Report
Fixed Asset by Dollar Amounts
Fixed Asset by Location
Inventory Report
Responsible Party Report
Additions Report
Fixed Asset by Department
Fixed Asset by type
Insurance Report