Municipal Court

The GovernMENTOR Court Docket system helps your municipal court operate more efficiently. By recording traffic violations, citizen complaints and prisoner history information thereby generating a docket record, the Court Docket system saves your clerical staff hours or repetitive work.

Municipal Court record keeping is becoming more and more time consuming with increased case activity and reporting requirements. Likewise, more and more monies are accumulated and being processed by court clerks. This increase in activity, reporting requirements and volume of money processed means improved methods are vital to provide more cost effective and efficient processing and handling capabilities to ensure proper accounting and reporting. GovernMENTOR provides, through the Municipal Court systems, all these objectives as well as quick and easy access to all information contained within the system to provide timely responses to daily inquiries.

Traffic Violations
The Municipal Court System provides extensive traffic violation information containing virtually all information present on the actual ticket. This provides extensive reporting capabilities as well as placement of personal identifiers on specified documents (if desires) to assist officer with serving papers. Information contained by the system includes violator identifiers, vehicle identifiers, officer, charge, speeds (actual/posted) and location, court date and time, attorney, police identifiers employer and any special comments noted by the officer.
The Municipal Court System also provides extensive citizen complaint or offense incident information containing name, address, DOB, race, sex for both complainant and victim. General information such as received by officer, method, date, time, location, court date. Defendant information such as social security, name, address, race, sex, height, weight, DOB, drivers license and much more. In addition witness information with the ability to enter notes and look up case history. This provides extensive reporting capabilities on activities occurring throughout the court system Personal identifiers may be specified on documents (if desired) to assist officer with serving papers. Information contained by the system includes complainant identifiers, victim/firm identifiers, offense/incident identifiers, suspect/defendant identifiers, and charges. Witnesses identifiers and special comments or narration associated with case for further clarification are also provided.
Parking Violations
The Municipal Court System also provides complete information on each parking ticket/violation. This also provides extensive reporting capabilities on unpaid parking fines to determine if further action is required by officials to enforce payment. This information may be used to supplement actions by officials against specific recurring offenders.
Court History
The Municipal Court System provides indefinite retention of all activities for each case. Access to information is provided by: single word within name, increasing timely responses to inquiries. Delays for searches are not characteristic with the GovernMENTOR system. Activities contained in court history include:
Traffic Violations
Parking Violations
The Court History is capable of viewing on screen or reproduction of printer to further increase convenience to court clerks when preparing responses to inquiries.
Case History
The Municipal Court System provides convenient access to specific case information. Simultaneously new transactions or activity may be entered or corrected as determined by the court clerk. Documents may be produced also at this time (id desired). General information is condensed on the screen so that an overview of activity is easily seen. All detailed information is readily available when requested and complete accounting of all transactions associated with this case is instantaneously accessible to be printed. Often, this information is prepared along with the docket and presented to the judge as the case if hear. The information contained in Court History is the same as Case History with these additions:
Free Text Comments
Court Date
The Municipal Court System provides the court clerk the ability to assign or levee fines and associated distributions (i.e. court costs, remuneration to victims, state fees, actual fine or other specified fees). As payments are posted, the system automatically distributes payments to various distributions according to a specified hierarchy or established pattern. For unusual circumstances this hierarchy may be easily overridden at court clerk’s discretion. All payments once posted are accounted for on specific audit trails and payment registers providing tight controls. Payment history is tracked and available for future inquires. Various reports are provided to assist in managing outstanding fines, fines issued and delinquent. The GovernMENTOR Municipal Court System provides all necessary capabilities to ensure and maintain complete control of fines and payments.
Pleas & Continuances
The Municipal Court System provides the ability for the court clerk to enter pleas and various continuances into the court case record or history. This information is then retained until the plea would be changed. This provides for the ability to track cases with plea bargaining. The Municipal Court System features the ability to change court date with only one step and all associated documents to be printed automatically indicating new court date.
The Municipal Court System provides the court clerk the ability to assign or issue bonds. The system retains general information such as name, address, city, state, zip and phone. Additional information is retained, the insurer, such as: name of guarantor, address and phone. Specific bond information includes: type of bond (i.e. cash, real estate self recognizance, etc.) Court timing and date, expiration amount, forfeiture and stipulations (if any).
Notices to Appear
The Municipal Court System provides the court clerk the ability to automatically produce various notices to appear such as:
Summons Subpoenas
The system automatically retrieves specific data from the defendants information on complaint or traffic tickets entered on summons. Likewise, the system retrieves specific data from witness information on complaints or the court clerk may enter specifically desired information to generate special notices to appear. The system also provides the ability to track papers served, those officers which served the papers and date served. Various reports are also provided to properly manage the service of notices.
The Municipal Court System further more provides the court clerk with the ability to record and track dispositions on cases. Reporting can then be provided to indicate various case load information to determine the over all effectiveness of the court.
Contempt Notice
The Municipal Court System further provides the court clerk with the ability to generate contempt notices automatically for delinquent fines or manually for various other circumstances as ordered by the judge. Each court order violated can easily initiate a contempt notice extracting information from ticket or complaint, or the clerk can enter name, address and personal identifiers along with reason for contempt and various other administrative information. The system also provides various report to facilitate management of contempt notices
Document Production
Along with all the administrative tracking of various documents provided by the Municipal Court system, it will also generate the actual document or paper to be served. Thereby reducing effort required preparing documents for each case. Documents produced by the system include:
Notice to Appear
Contempt Notices
Bench Warants