For most local governments, salary costs constitutes the single largest category of expense. Proper control over and accounting for payroll expense is therefore vital to financial control. Effective payroll administration begins well before the preparation of payroll checks.

GovernMENTOR provides many features for effective payroll administration. The GovernMENTOR Payroll System is designed to allow the user to define the deductions and earnings for each employee. The system allows for multiple deductions, earnings and benefits that may be selected by each user. The user can select for each deduction, earning, and benefit, four types of calculations.

Easy To Use
All employee information is stored in an on-line/interactive data base allowing immediate inquiry to information desired and reflecting up to the minute results of operations. The Payroll/Personnel System may be utilized in conjunction with the Financial Management module.

The Payroll/Personnel System consists of one major menu which drives all other procedures and processes. This menu also provides security privileges before access to the data base or any procedures and processes may be executed.

Time Entry
GovernMENTOR’s design flexibility allows two selections for posting payroll time, Standard Time entry or Manual Time entry. A payroll time report is printed as time is posted showing the different project cost centers and categories of time for each employee. Thus allowing verification of time entered with employee time cards. After checks are calculated a calculation check register is printed allowing verification of the payroll data before any checks are printed.

Labor Distribution
The Payroll System automatically captures the necessary information as a by product of time entry to calculate labor distribution. The system determines the correct distribution of each benefit and deduction such as FICA, Health Insurance, unemployment, etc. These figures are used to update the General Ledger and Accounts Payable. Detailed or summarized labor distribution reports are available giving government officials payroll expense information as quickly as time is entered and amounts calculated. After calculation totals are verified, the checks are printed and current, month, quarter, year and fiscal payroll information is updated.

Update Process
The Payroll System automatically updates (when instructed) the appropriate general ledger accounts. The Payroll System will also automatically create invoices for each deduction and benefit to completely interface with the Accounts Payable module. Federal and state tax, (or any other deduction or benefit) checks may be printed upon request. Once payroll checks are printed, a Varity of Check Registers can be selected, such as current, month, quarter, year and fiscal.. Each register contains the employee name, number, division/department, along with the number of hours worked in each department and a listing of all deductions and earnings with total gross and net check amount. Employee history can be printed at any given time for all employees or selected employees. The Payroll History report contains the employee name, number, division/department, check number, amount and date of check.

The Personnel information contains activity of employee history. Activity status of promotion, raises, step and grade etc. The activity information of employees contains data and type of action (such as promotions, reviews, wage increases, reprimands), title, step and grade, department and pay rate.

The Personnel System also includes training and educational history on each employee. The training information provides for date, type of training, description and sponsor of training. This information is easily accessed and updates.

The Personnel information also contains date hired, terminated and various other dates, such as birth date and anniversary date. The Personnel System is easy to use while providing ample opportunity for revisions and corrections.


Manual Check Processing
Multiple User-Defined Earnings
Leave Pay Accrual
Automatic Deposit of Checks
W2 Forms
State Wage Reports
Standard Time Entry
Data Base Security
State Retirement Capability
Workmens Compensation
EEO Reporting
Step & Grade Automation

Multiple User-Defined Deductions
Multiple User-Defined Benefits
Print Checks in Alpha or Numerical Order
Employee Inquiry
W2 Magnetic Media
941 Report
Audit Trails on all Master Files
Interface with Financial Management
Extra Retirement Capability
Up to Five Pay Rates per Employee
Leave Pay Detail Posting
Automatic Void Check


Many reports are developed through the PICK operating system inquiry access.