Utility Billing & Collection

Utility Billing is a comprehensive management information and accounting system for producing utility bills with multiple metered and fixed services; maintaining control of collections, receivables, deposits and meters in service; and providing informative management reporting.
The GovernMENTOR Utility Billing System generates twelve metered and twelve fixed charges on one bill for each utility customer. All customer information is stored in an on-line/interactive data base allowing immediate inquiry to information desired and reflecting up to the minute results of operations. The Utility Billing System may be utilized in conjunction with the Financial Management system allowing for immediate updating of all general ledger accounts with any utility transaction.
The Utility Billing System is designed to contain first and foremost flexibility and ease of operation.

The Utility Billing System consists of one major menu which drives all other procedures and processes. This menu also provides security privileges before access to the data base or any procedures and processes may be executed.

Utility customers are easily entered into the Utility Billing System through the maintenance screens. These screens contain all pertinent customer information such as name, billing address, service address, meter number, tax codes, services codes, time codes, balance due, etc. The customer maintenance screens also double as inquiry screens. Individual accounts may be accessed by account number, name or address.
Billing Process
The first step in the customer billing process is the New Billing Period process. This process will clear out all figures and information pertaining to the previous billing cycle or period.
The second step in the billing process is entering actual meter readings for each customer account. The Meter Reading Entry process accomplishes this task by organizing accounts within routes or cycles, by account sequence or reading sequence. After all Meter Readings have been entered, the Utility Billing Calculation process automatically calculates and extends all information required to print utility bills. This information is placed on a Billing Register to be verified for accuracy (i.e. misreads, high-low deviations, etc.). After calculations have been verified, the Bill Printing process prints a variety of utility bills and can easily be modified to print on any existing utility bill. The Bill Printing process also updates all balances, consumptions, readings and all historical information. The historical information stored by the system includes: readings, consumption, payments, adjustments, penalties, and any information desired by the operator. The Bill Printing process also accumulates totals to depict volumes of services provided by types of customers and aging categories. All billing information updated is reserved until such time as the utility bill is actually printed.
Update Process
After utility bills have been printed, the fifth and final step of the billing process is initiated. The Utility interface with the Financial Management System is designed to update all accounting transactions on a cash or an accrual basis.

During cash receipts account names are displayed for verification, then automatically updated in the Financial Management System.

The penalty assessment process and the associated interface with the Financial Management is also a feature of the Utility Bill System.
Special Features
Friendly Reminders/Delinquent Notices
Fixed Service Averaging
Electronic Meter Reading Equipment
Shutoff Notices
Special  Notes
Data Base Security
Penalty Assessment
Access to Accounts by Address
Postnet Bar Coding
Access to Account by Name
Interface with Financial Management
Change/Transfer Customer Account # & History
Automatic Cash Posting with Collection Devices
Compound Meters
Estimated Billing
Multiple Tax Entities
Adjustment Report
Interest on Deposits
Rate Adjustments
ACH File Generation
Meter Reading Sheets/Books
User-Defined Rate Structure
Level Billing
Audit Trail on all Master Files
Refunds on Deposits
Special Reports
Alphabetical Cross Reference
Customer Aging
Alphabetical Customer Aging
Customer Type Service Report
Monthly Review by Cycle
Customer Average Consumption Report
Aging Detail-Current, 30,60,90,120 Days
Before Cash Update Review
Before Billing Update Report
Cycle Billing Review
Number of Digits in Meter
Times Code Report
Alphabetical Customer Deposits
Consumption History
Deviation Listing
Customer Fixed Rate Report
Customer Meter Number Report
Tax Exempt Status Report
Monthly Cash Report
Current & Previous Reading Report
Taxable Customer Report
Estimate Customer List
Sales Tax Report