GovernMENTOR Recorder

The Recorder is the County's official record keeper and is responsible for protecting a variety of legal documents. GovernMENTOR's Recorder software makes recording and filing of legal documents fast and accurate.

GovernMENTOR's Recorder Software provides the ability to record divisions of land, records of deeds, mortgages, liens against properties for tax delinquency, records of powers of attorney and commercial papers under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The system automatically indexes all records entered into the data base. Recording fees for each class of document can be easily changed as mandated by law.

The GovernMENTOR Recorder Software provides special features that allow "memorized" data entry of city, state, zip, and more. A Register of Deeds and mortgages affecting real estate is provided by the system upon demand for public inquiry.

Special Features

Advanced Recipting / Cashiering System
Automatic Index generation
Audit Trail Reports
Ability to set up frequent used address, city, state, zip
Ability to change document number
Inquiry access by name or document number
User definable document type
User defined fee schedule
Receipt Documents and Services on one receipt
Print detailed receipts for Audit Trails

Special Reports

Registry of Documents
Credit Statement Report
Temporary Documents by Type
User Fee Collection Summary
User Fee Collection Detail
Receipts Report
Documents by Type
User Fee Disbursement Summary
User Fee Distrubution Detail
Document Type Fee Detail


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Rev 6/4/03