Company Profile

     In February 1978, BG EDP Services, Inc. (Presently known as GovernMENTOR Systems, Inc.) was incorporated for the purpose of providing quality software and services for its clients at an affordable price.
In 1984 BG EDP Services set a primary emphasis on local government software development and at that time trademarked its software GovernMENTOR (meaning government advisors).
To continue our commitment to the government industry on October 13, 1988 we changed our company name to GovernMENTOR Systems, Inc. (GSI).
The company’s philosophy is to provide quality products and superior services to meet the needs of local government clients in a cost-effective manner with a commitment to excellence.
GSI believes in delivering the best value for your money. When you buy GovernMENTOR products, you aren’t just getting software, you are buying leading software products and participation in a strong user-driven software development process.
In the early 1990's GovernMENTOR committed its products to function in an "open System" environment. Our GovernMENTOR applications have been ported to the most popular versions of Unix, in addition to variants for MS-DOS, Windows and native operation on personal computers. We have developed GovernMENTOR in a multi-tasking environment that is portable to a variety of popular hardware platforms and operating environments such as MS-DOS, Windows NT, Windows 2000, XP Professional, Unix, Linux and more!
GSI upgrades its software to incorporate client suggestions as well as legislative changes. Our systems are flexible: buy only what you need today and with an open-ended option to integrate additional applications and hardware when needed.
Product development begins in the end-user’s office so that each system operates in an appropriate and relevant manner. Our systems have been designed by programmers and product specialists to meet your needs. You do not "fit" our systems, our systems fit you!
It is our focused commitment to deliver excellence in every area of service to our clients from hardware technicians who install your computer to the instructors who teach you how to use it, from the support staff who answers your questions, to the programmers who constantly strive to develop better software products for you. Each person is seeking to attain that standard of excellence you would expect from a market leader.