Customer Services

GovernMENTOR Systems, policy is to continue servicing it's customers long after the initial installation is completed.  GovernMENTOR has built its reputation on service and customer satisfaction.  With our 1-800 number, we can allow customers to call our office at no charge to  the local government.  The customer's questions can then be answered and any additional support can be provided via modem.  We can investigate any problems that may arise after implementation without an expensive trip to the customer site.  This reduces future costs of maintenance to the system because changes and updates can be made over the phone.

Training Options:

GSI provides a variety of training options which can be mixed and matched to fit our clients needs.  Depending on the customers staff and time availability will determine which training option suits their needs.  Usually a combination of on-site training and attending GSI's classes can greatly reduce training costs to the customer.  GSI offers the following types of training options:


On-Site Training
GSI Training Classes
Telephone Support Training
User Group-Free Training