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Collector Tax Billing

Collector Tax Billing and Collection Application provides quick and easy access to all real estate and personal property information while providing seamless connectivity with other GovernMENTOR modules.  

Collector Tax Management

The various offices can easily access information stored in the data base without losing control of the data base.  The Collection Management module increases efficiency of collection procedures and reduce line wait times for taxpayers during peak seasons. 

Assessor CAMAS Management

GovernMENTOR provides a comprehensive Appraisal System with all pertinent informationto generate assessment information.  Special features such as transfers, splits, combinations, boundary chnages, combinations/deletions and mass parcel re-calculations are just a few.  Additionally, the property record card (PRC) may be printed on demand or in special groupings and parcels.

The system provies the ability to retain and view information on land valuations by quantity, type description, land units, unit price, depth, depth factor, influence factor, value agricultural land grades, acre by grade, value by grand and total agricultural land value.

Seamless Integration

Detailed value information is retained and automatically transfereed into the GovernMENTOR Tax Billing System.  The system has been designed to feed one another with all pertinent information.

Audit Trails
unlimited reporting capabilities


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